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Elbow Callus

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This huge growth is a huge elbow callus in a mastiff. Giant breed dogs usually develop heavy calluses on their elbows from lying down, one
of the many problems these dogs can have due to their weight and size. We also see these occasionally in other dogs, especially the short
-legged breeds such as Corgis or Bassets. This was the worst one we’ve ever seen. These lumps often crack, bleed and become infected, making the problem much worse.


Smaller ones can be surgically removed but that can be problematic since they will then be lying on the incision. Careful padded bandaging is needed afterwards. Therapy laser treatment and anti -inflammatory medications can be helpful. A better way to go is to treat these early on by using a set of padded elbow guards with a strap over the shoulders to keep them from sliding down the dog’s legs. Visit to learn more.


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