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Facial Abscess

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Abscesses are a frequent problem in cats. Outdoor cats frequently develop them from puncture wounds incurred when fighting with other cats. Abscessed teeth can also cause a large, infected, open wound like this one. In this particular cat, the upper cheek teeth all abscessed because of a tumor that was growing in that area.


To avoid abscesses, keep your cat indoors. Treat any puncture or fight wounds promptly, so they don’t become infected. Have your cat’s teeth
examined regularly and call us if you notice swelling, drainage or a foul odor coming from your pet’s head or mouth. If you cat does go outside, make sure he or she is protected with feline leukemia and FIV vaccination. Both of these fatal diseases are spread by fight wounds. To learn more about dental care in cats, visit our website or view our video on dental care in cats. U75BPDMnI0Aatch?v=


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