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Lyme Disease- Ruby

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Lyme Disease case


Ruby is a 9 year old Labrador retriever. A few months ago, he began having some stiffness and soreness in his limbs. The owners thought he was developing arthritis, and occasionally gave him an anti-inflammatory medication for pain. Then one day, he became unable to walk properly. His owners had to carry him into the clinic for examination. When he did walk, it was very stiff and with a great amount of pain, and
he had painful joints in all 4 legs. Dr. Horsch suspected Lyme disease.
Not only did he test positive for Lyme, he also had a low platelet count, and he was losing a very large amount of protein through his kidneys. Both of these problems are caused by Lyme disease, which can lead to abnormal bleeding or bruising and kidney failure, in addition to damaging the joints.
We began treatment with minocycline (an antibiotic that kills the bacteria that causes the disease) as well as pain medication to help with his joints, and he was feeling better and walking great the next day. Unfortunately, treatment is expensive, and the road to a complete recovery is long. There can be permanent kidney or joint damage and arthritis as a result. Please make sure to use a veterinary-recommended tick preventive, and to have us give the Lyme vaccine if your pet is at risk.







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