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Multiple Cartilagenous Exostoses

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This is an x-ray of a dog’s leg, showing a large and strange looking lump of bone between her stifle (knee) and hock (ankle) joints. Sierra is one of our most interesting patients. Ordinarily, when we see a lump like this we think first of cancer.
Sierra, however, has a rare disease in which her cartilage forms these large lumps. She has them along her spine, her legs and a large one in her chest that makes it very difficult for her to breathe if she’s lying on her back. She was diagnosed via a bone biopsy done several years ago at the veterinary school at UC-Davis. A recent x-ray, taken here, shows that this lump is now twice as long and extends all the way to the hock joint. Other than needing some pain medication and being careful not to lay her on her back she leads a normal, healthy life.


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