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Ultrasound Cases

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We have been working hard to become proficient at using our new ultrasound machine!  So far, in the span of a couple of short months, we have been able to use our ultrasound to find splenic tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, gall bladder disease, bladder tumors, abdominal lymphoma, and more.  In the past, when an ultrasound examination was indicated, we’ve had to refer patients to Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists.  Now we can do this for you at our hospital, with less expense and less hassle.

Proficiency using the ultrasound is a difficult skill to acquire.  Human ultrasound technicians go to school for years to learn how to do a thorough exam.  All three veterinarians at Best Friends have taken a basic course, and Dr. Horsch attended a more advanced course at the veterinary school in Madison in April.  Currently, she is comfortable identifying pathology with most of the abdominal organs, and hopes to fine tune her skills with more challenging, smaller structures like adrenal glands and the pancreas.  She will also be learning how to use the machine to help guide diagnostic sampling of abnormal tissues without the need for surgery.  She is excited to be learning a new skill that will help diagnose disease at an earlier stage, thereby improving treatment outcomes.

We are considering offering wellness ultrasound examinations to our patients.  This would be especially helpful in large breed, older dogs, as a cancer surveillance tool.  Early detection of tumors of the spleen or liver will lead to improved treatment outcomes and quality of life.  If this is something you would like to have done for your pet, please let us know.