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Burn Wound

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This is Trixie, a very sweet little cat who knocked over a candle and spilled hot wax on herself. Her skin only looked red the day afterwards but within a few days it became apparent that Trixie had a full thickness burn on her left rear leg. A patch of skin about 2 & ½” in diameter turned red and hard.
Treatment for Trixie included pain medication, antibiotics and six treatments with our therapy laser. The therapy laser reduced pain, infection risk and swelling while stimulating healing.
These pictures were taken over the course of just a few weeks. In the picture on the left,
the patch of dying skin is pretty apparent.

This first arrow points to granulation tissue, which fills in any wound or skin defect.
The second arrow points to the patch of dead skin, which is acting as a natural bandage.
This last arrow points to new skin, which is growing over the top of the granulation tissue to finish closing the wound.

After another 10 days or so, the old, dead skin is mostly gone, the exposed granulation tissue is shrinking and new skin covers most of the wound.

Below is the wound at 21 days after beginning treatment. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?


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