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Foreign Body

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Duke is a wonderful 10 year old Labrador Retriever who came to see us because he had been vomiting and not eating well. His exam and X
-rays did not pinpoint a cause for the vomiting. Blood tests did not point towards an obvious cause of vomiting either, but they told us
that Duke had a major problem that we needed to find and treat quickly. Duke’s owners took him to an internist at Lakeshore Veterinary Hospital.


Dr. Byl performed an ultrasound of his abdomen that suggested foreign material in his stomach. Luckily, Duke’s owners agreed to have a surgeon perform an exploratory surgery. In his stomach and intestines they found large pieces of a toy that were causing a blockage of his intestines, as well as a small hole in one segment of intestine that would have become life- threatening if not immediately repaired. Today, Duke is at home and doing great!


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