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Clinic Cats

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Our clinic cats: Ivy, Tia & Shorty



Our “back of the hospital” clinic cat is named Tia. She has been with us since July of 2015. She started out shy – she spent her first two months here hiding under her blanket. She is now an outgoing pest in the treatment area but we didn’t think she would cope well with the busy, noisy waiting room and office.

As with all of our clinic pets, Tia came to us because of a medical problem. She had been misdiagnosed by her previous veterinarian as having vaginal cancer. She was being kept locked in a small bathroom 24 hours a day because of bloody discharge.

Her owners didn’t want to spend any money to diagnose or treat her so she was surrendered to us. Her problem was actually just crystals in the urine, easily corrected with a special diet, and she has been fine since. She does have abnormally formed toes on both front feet but that doesn’t slow her down much.

This is Tia (on the right) as a baby. Even when she was little you could see her deformed little feet. Her toes get sore so she is on pain medication for that, and she has custom wooden steps to get on and off the counters. We don’t want her jumping off and landing on her sore toes!

This little cutie is Ivy, our “front of the clinic” cat. Ivy has beautiful, swirly markings on her sides and a sweet little face. She came to us from Sheboygan Humane Society, just after Christmas, 2016. She is missing the lower half  her right front leg and was languishing at the shelter. 

 She is friendly and is coming out of the front office more and more.  She enjoys hanging out on the check-out counter, especially if someone will wave a feather toy for her. She really likes dogs, so our biggest worry with her is that she will approach a dog who isn’t cat-friendly and get hurt. So far she has been cautious though.