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Patient care and customer service come first at our pet clinic but we are also proud of our state-of-the-art equipment, including Underwater Treadmill, Therapy Laser, Surgery Laser, Digital X-rays, Digital Dental X-rays, ECG screening & Apps.

State-of-the-Art Equipment our Pet Clinic Offers:

Surgery Laser – There is less pain, bleeding and swelling when the CO2  or surgery laser is used instead of a scalpel blade during surgical procedures.

Therapy or “Cold” Laser – instead of cutting, this type of laser provides gentle warmth and stimulates healing and cell repair, while decreasing inflammation and pain. If it’s swollen, red or painful the therapy laser will help. 

Digital Radiology (X-rays) - The world has gone digital and so have we! Our state-of-the-art X-ray machine not only takes great images, but we can easily upload them to a radiologist or surgeon for consultation, enlarge or improve the image, or burn them onto a CD for you to take with you to the emergency clinic. We also have digital dental X-ray equipment.

Digital Dental Radiographs (X-rays) – These should be the standard of care for pets, just as they are for people, but most veterinary hospitals don’t offer this level of care. The majority of dental pathology occurs below the gum line, including periodontal disease, abscesses, broken roots and tooth resorption, which is particularly common in cats. It’s very difficult to make good decisions about whether to save or extract a tooth without X-rays. It allows us to catch many things that we normally would not be able to see. 

Underwater Treadmill for Canine Rehabilitation – Allows us to help get your dog on its feet again, and improve the strength and speed of surgical recovery. The treadmill helps with obesity, arthritis and neurological disorders. It‘s very useful for conditioning for heavy exercise and for maintaining your pet’s exercise program even in bad weather. 

In-house suite of laboratory equipment for rapid access to important test results.

Digitherm Imaging-Our latest piece of new technology is a Digitherm™ thermal imaging camera. The thermal camera shows us areas that are warmer or cooler. Increased warmth in a patient means increased blood flow, which identifies areas of inflammation and pain. Decreased blood flow is seen if there is a tumor or blood clot impairing circulation or with some types of neurological problems. 

Animals are good at hiding pain from us, so it can also be very difficult to pinpoint the source of pain when we examine a patient. If there is no swelling it can be hard to localize a torn muscle, tendon or ligament. Many pets are anxious, tense and stiff when we examine them, which makes it harder to tell where they hurt. When adrenaline floods the body due to fear it masks pain, so that a dog that was limping quite badly at home may not show lameness at all in the clinic setting. Cats are even more difficult to palpate or do range-of-motion testing than dogs are. The digitherm allows us to spot these issues, even when the pet may not be showing outward signs of pain. 

It is also very easy to use. We simply take a series of images that appear on the screen as color maps. Areas of the body that appear red or white have more blood flow. Areas with the least blood flow appear purple or pink.

Our pet clinic strives to offer advanced veterinary solutions to pet owners from Grafton WI, Belgium WI, Cedarburg WI, Saukville WI, Port Washington WI, Jackson WI, Germantown WI, Mequon WI, Thiensville WI, West Bend WI, Fredonia WI, Milwaukee WI and throughout Wisconsin!


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