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Cavities in Dogs

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Cavities in Dogs

   Dogs and cats are much less prone to dental caries (cavities) than humans are but we do see them occasionally. Depending on where the cavity is located it can be very difficult to see them without anesthesia. This dog has a huge hole in an upper back molar (circled in red) that has eaten away most of the crown of the tooth, yet we could not see it until we anesthetized her and could get a good look at the inside surfaces of the teeth.

If your dog or cat seems uncomfortable when chewing, has foul breath, drools, drops food back out of the mouth or paws at the face there is often a dental problem that needs to be fixed. Tumors in the mouth can cause pain too, as can foreign objects such as sticks or pieces of bone that may become stuck and fester. Don’t wait! Give us a call so we can get the problem taken care of.


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