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Pet Wellness Report


Our practice is committed to providing you with the best veterinary care in our area.  Part of that commitment is a promise to keep up with new techniques and technology. One of the techniques we have adopted is the Pet Wellness Report® (PWR). PWR provides you and your veterinarian with a personalized and easy-to-understand report on your pet’s specific healthcare needs.

How does it work?

The power of the PWR relies on your input. Your veterinarian is an expert in the medical aspects of your pet’s care and gathers important information during your pet’s exam. However you are the expert of your pet’s behavior and lifestyle every day. Combining efforts can lead to better wellness care and help avoid more complex and costly health problems in the future.

We ask a set of history questions when your pet comes to our hospital for a wellness visit but the PWR improves the process. It gathers additional information and saves us and you time at your appointment.

Filling out the questionnaire in your home ahead of time has several advantages. So many times when a client comes in they can't remember the name of the pet's food, they forget what their spouse wanted checked or don't know how many heartworm pills they have left. This won't happen if you take a few minutes to fill out a Pet Wellness Report ahead of time. It also lets us get input from the pet's primary caregiver, even if that person can't bring the pet in for their appointment. The information you enter is processed automatically and flags concerns or risks we should address.

Once you complete it. you can print your report and bring it along to your visit or we can access it on-line. When we combine it with the results of our exam and any laboratory testing we do we will have a more complete picture of your pet's health. This allows us to make better medical decisions and helps us provide the best patient care possible.

If your pet is scheduled for a wellness exam, follow the link to get started. We hope to see you soon!


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