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Veterinary hospital serving the pet owners of Grafton, Saukville, Port Washington, Cedarburg and Thiensville, WI

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We Welcome You!

We have finally lifted our COVID restrictions! No masks are required and you are welcome to come into the building, without having to call us first. If you are immunocompromised or at high risk for infection, we are happy to wear masks or to let you wait in your car. Just ask and we are happy to accommodate you. Welcome back! 


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Only the Best for Your Pet

The Best Friends Difference? 

We are proud to be an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitalThis means that our veterinarians and staff hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to delivering remarkable veterinary care.

Pets are our passion. And keeping them healthy is our #1 priority. At our animal hospital, we strive to deliver excellent health care for pets, because your pets deserve nothing less. 

Learn more about AAHA accreditation and why our accreditation is important to you and your pet. Visit

AAHA accredited Animal Hospital: The Standard of Veterinary Excellence.

Best Friends Veterinary Center is a full-service pet hospital in Grafton, Wisconsin. We are proud to offer medical, surgical, and dental veterinary services along with wellness care and prescription diets. Our pet clinic emphasizes high-quality patient care and strives to deliver friendly, helpful customer service whenever you visit. We are happy to serve Grafton and the surrounding Wisconsin communities of Saukville, Port Washington, Cedarburg, Thiensville, and beyond. 

It's part of our pet clinic’s mission to help educate you about pet health care, so you'll find lots of articles, videos, case reports, and links here on our website to help you better understand what it means to care for your pet. Then, when it comes time to visit our animal hospital, you'll find that we take the time during every visit to make sure you are well informed and receive written information on all of our recommendations. Our veterinarians and staff are always here to answer any questions you may have and to offer personalized suggestions to benefit the health of your pet.

We also offer additional veterinary services that most pet clinics don’t. 

Don’t Fret the Vet!

Do you dread taking your p-e-t to the v-e-t?
A trip to the vet does not need to be scary!

Low Stress Veterinary Visits: Our veterinarians and veterinary staff are passionate about minimizing pain, fear, anxiety, and stress in our patients. We know that some pets have had bad experiences before, but we strive to make visits to our veterinary clinic as anxiety-free as possible for you and your pet. We use gentle handling and lots of treats to make your pet’s experience a positive one, as well as anti-anxiety medications and supplements when needed. We also make house calls for frightened cats. Visit our Behavior & Training page to learn more.

Canine rehabilitation
can help your pet recover from orthopedic and neurological problems. We have a variety of videos and handouts for you to explore. Click here to learn more.

Pet Health Care Plans let you spread the cost of your pet’s wellness and preventative care over a full year. Clients with pets on these plans also save $30 on the office visit fee each time they need to come in. Learn more here.

Breed-specific wellness means adjusting preventative care to address genetic health risks your pet may have because of its breed. The more knowledgeable and aware you are of what diseases your pet could develop because of its heritage and breeding, the better you can protect your animal's health!

DNA testing allows us to test for more than 150 genetic diseases in dogs, and testing is also available to tell us what breeds make up your mixed-breed dog’s heritage.

Our pet health library provides resources including dozens of videos and hundreds of reference articles for your knowledge and enjoyment.

Our veterinarians and staff are proud to serve pet owners from Grafton, Saukville, Port Washington, Cedarburg, Thiensville, and all across Wisconsin!

Thank you for choosing Best Friends Veterinary Center. Our veterinarians and staff can’t wait to welcome you to our veterinary clinic. 

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